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“A girl discovering the world of fashion & beauty, travel and teaching.”

Welcome to Advice from a Sophisticated Chic and thanks for stopping by. I am Alicia Destiny Brown, a 26 year-old social worker/teacher/visionary living and working in Ecuador South America.  I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica, where I grew up in the second city, Montego-bay.  After finishing my degree in social work, I decided to travel and that’s how I ended up in South America. Now I spend most of my time working as an ESL teacher, travelling and volunteering.

This blog was started in November 2012. Back then (it was first called In Destiny’s Eyes) it was only a medium for me to share my thoughts and opinions. Now A Sophisticated Chic is much more than that. As I learnt more about blogging and myself, I was able to fine tune a few things. Now my blog is more focused on providing tips for women out there like myself. As well as place they can get some questions answered. This could range from fashion & beauty, to lifestyle and food. The things you’ll find here will be real, honest, down-to-earth and true.

I have been living alone since I was 17 years old. I have traveled to 21 countries and plan add to that list every chance I get and I have got six siblings. Not only that I have lived in three of those countries.

So now I am 27 and seem to be the one everyone keeps turning to for advice. I am definitely not an expert, but my experience (and that of others) have taught me many lessons that I have learnt well. I have no sense of fashion and I don’t wear make up. Nevertheless I am learning to appreciate my own sense of style, which I would love to share and get feedback on. Also I am learning how to take better care of my hair and skin. This is all a journey for me, I am NOT an expert in any of these areas. So I hope you will enjoy this journey to discovery with me, as I gain knowledge of travel, beauty, fashion and food.

Lets discover together, enjoy!

Destiny Brown

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  1. For me, you are a great writer. I like it the most when you said “You just want to be being you”. More blogs to be posted 🙂


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