Makeup Brushes And Application : Tutorial

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

All About Makeup Tools : Tutorial

Hey lovelies! Last week we looked at the basic products that are needed to start your makeup journey. This week we are going to look at the different types of brushes and makeup application. I hope you find this information helpful. Also stay tuned for more post on out discovery of the makeup and beauty world. 😊

Introduction to make brushes

As with makeup product, the vast array of brushes and tools you have to choose from feel overwhelming at first. Albeit just like makeup, you do not need to own one of absolutely everything out there. When it comes to brushes and application tools, quality is far more important than quantity. For example, it’s better to have two sizes of eye shadow brushes with well made bristles and sturdy handles than it is to use eight sizes of brushes with scratchy or ineffective bristles.

Before you buy, you should know the basics about brush construction to ensure you know what to look for and what makes a good selection. The best way to test the overall quality of the brush is to run the bristles over your hand and see how they feel as they glide over your skin. Also, run your fingers through the bristles  to see how they feel the entire way down. Check how well they are secured to the handle.

Nobody wants brush bristle coming off their on their face during a makeup application especially around the eyes. Also, a brush should feel right in your hand. You should feel comfortable holding it, and moving it. Ensure it’s not too heavy or awkwardly shaped for your hand. If the brush isn’t comfortable to you, it won’t matter how good quality it is, the application simply won’t be the best you can achieve.

Brushes come with natural bristles, synthetic bristles, or a combination of the two. Natural bristles generally come from sable, goat, pony, or squirrel hair. These bristles are extremely soft and help produce the most natural blended applications. They are best for applying powder-based products such as powdered blush, translucent powder, powdered eye shadow, etc. The natural hair have tinny “hooks” that hold the powder rather than letting the makeup slide off the bristles directly onto the skin. This gives more blending control over a large surface are, i.e. the forehead or the cheeks, than a synthetic brush would offer.

Synthetic bristles are the best choice for use with any creamy type makeup, such as cream shadows, cream blush, cream foundation or concealer. They also work well for applying lip colour, gel liners, and liquid liners. Synthetic bristles are more rigid and hold their shape better than natural bristles. This means they offer more control when applying creamy, gel, or liquid makeup. Synthetic bristles also allow for a more precise application of carefully drawn liners or shapes.

Animal-friendly alternatives

While natural brushes made from animal hair are best for many dry makeup application, you do not have to use them to practice. Synthetic brushes have improved immensely and allow softer, smoother bristles to be manufactured– most notably those made of Taklon fibers. This fibers mimic real hair right down to the miniscule barbs that pick up and hold powdered makeup. However, take utmost care when using synthetic eye or face brushes. Test them carefully on your skin and be sure the provide the blending, powder-grabbing, and comfortable feel you need to use them in a professional makeup application setting.

For those of you opposed to animal testing, you can look for products with labeling such as the International Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (ICCIC) or “Marley” products which are vegan. “Oink-eared bunny” associated with PETA–People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Brushes and application Tools

  • Blending_Spounges
    Blending Spounges
  • makeup_eye_contour_brush
    Eye Contour Brush
  • angled_eye_brush
    Angled Eye Brush
  • ultra_fine_eyeliner
    Ultra Fine Eyeliner
  • flat-eyeliner-brush
    Flat Eyeliner Brush
  • touch-up-brush
    Makeup Touch Up Brush
  • makeup_brow_brush
    Brow Brush
  • Eyeshadow_Brush
    Eyeshadow Brush
  • makeup_bronzer_brush
    Bronzer Brush
  • blush_brush
    Blush Brush
  • face_brush
    Face Brush
  • lip_brush
    Lip Brush
  • foundation_brush
    Foundation Brush
  • eyelas_curler
    Eyelash Curler
  • eye_smudger_brush
    Eye Smudger Brush
  • tweezers
  • eyebrow-grooming-brush_and_eyelash_comb
    Brow gromming brush & Eyelash comb
  • face_blender_brush
    Face Blender Brush
  • Eye_Shaper_Brush
    Eye Shaper Brush
  • makeup_concealer_brush
    Concealer Brush
  • powder_brush
    Powder Brush
  • makeup-powder_puff
    Makeup Powder Puff
  • eye_blender_brush
    Eye Blender Brush

All of these brushes are basic examples ad everyday there are new types of brushes released. Ultimately choose brushes that best suit your style.

Tell me about your favourite brushes and brands in the comment section and feel free to share this post with your friend and family. 

Is there any part of your makeup discovery that you need help with, and would like us to write about?

See you for the next one lovelies 💋💋




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